Different types of commercial mailboxes

There are several commercial mailboxes available in the market. You can choose the mailbox that perfectly meets your demands and requirements.

Apartment boxes have a lock in place ensures that only the renter and the postal worker have access to the mail. They come grouped in one large box in one large metal frame.

Collection boxes are equipped with a small slot so that the mailer can put their mail in. The person can access the mail through a door which is secured with a lock and key.

Pedestal mounted boxes are a subset of apartment boxes. They behave in the same general way that wall-mounted apartment boxes do but differ in the fact that they’re mounted up on a bar which sticks directly into the ground. These types of boxes are often best for very large living communities in which there is a high-traffic common area. For instance, if an apartment has a clubhouse or something else of the sort, a pedestal mounted mailbox may be placed directly outside of it.

Cluster boxes come with several doors within one frame. These are used in areas with many people. They can be secured with lock and key, making it accessible only by the mail recipient.

Parcel locker are like any typical lock-and-key mailboxes. They are wide enough to hold big and bulky packages. They can accommodate as many people as required and can be installed almost anywhere.

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