How a “Dead” Sofa Can Be Easily Brought Back to Life

Most homeowners throw away their old couches or sofas and spend hundreds of dollars on a new one. What they don’t know is that they can cheaply replace certain areas that will make it brand new again.

Written by: The Foam Factory

An old couch or sofa will break down after continuous use. The once livid seat that housed all your Super Bowl parties is now going to end up in a landfill somewhere. But wait, there’s still hope for “Mister Reliable”. Instead of thinking that your sofa or couch is done for, take a look at the innards of your seat and see where the problem is. Just because your couch has been sinking in and is losing it’s comfort, doesn’t mean that the frame is all bent and warped. What people tend to miss is that you fan easily find couch foam replacement that will solve all your problems – unless the source of the problem is the frame, then that’s a different story.

Research Different Foam Types

Before you take on your sofa foam replacement project, be sure that you do some research on how foam types vary from each other. Some foam products are softer and lighter, while others are more firm and tough. It may be an arduous task at first, but if your couch is considered a part of your family, then it’s well worth it.

In addition to this, sofa foam comes in different sizes. You will need to take accurate measurements of the previous foam that was in your couch to ensure that you have the right fit – otherwise you’re going to have to cut it yourself. Overall, it’s a project that’s well worth taking on if you want to save money on buying a new sofa, as well as breathing new life into your old friend.