How to buy upholstery foam

Written by The Foam Factory

Many companies online sell upholstery foam Canada and around the US. Upholstery foam can be purchased in standard stock upholstery foam sheets or custom cut to the size of your requirements. Most often sellers will let you choose from a change of quality and thickness options they have on offer. If you are concerned about fire safety, it is advisable to choose certified flame retardant free upholstery foam.

Once the size and quality of your foam have been chosen, you will then have to either sew your own upholstery case or choose fabrics from what the supplier has on offer.

To increase comfort, some buyers tend to combine their foam layers to make larger, more comfortable cushioning. For example, you could order from an upholstery foam Canada vendor a 6″ of upholstery foam plus 3″ of memory foam. When foams are mixed, they provide luxuriously soft cushioning, that will be able to seat anyone comfortably.

Online stores will offer a variety of shapes to match a variety of furniture, ranging from 4-sided shapes to a wedge. They also provide 2 seat chair cushions that are used for decks and poolside seating.

To ensure you order the right size of foam, carefully measure the length, width, and depth of the cushion you will require. If you are replacing your current cushioning, you can measure these for more accuracy. Once you have selected your size, choose a fabric color and type that suits your needs.


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