How to Get Your Dog Used to a New Bed

Summary: Your dog may not initially understand the purpose of his new dog bed. By using some techniques, you can get your pet to warm up to the bed and start sleeping on it.

Getting your dog accustomed to sleeping on a new bed can be a challenge. When it is time for you to buy a new mattress for yourself, you simply have to put it on your frame, put sheets on it, and go to sleep. The process is very straightforward, because you are already familiar with the bed and know what its purpose is.

When you need to purchase a new bed for your dog, whether that be because the old one is torn up or your dog is not too big for the previous one, you will quickly realize that the familiarization process is not as easy as it is for humans. Your little friend may need to warm up to the bed before using it.

Place the Dog Bed Near You

Your dog trusts you and is used to being by your side. After you purchase a new bed for your furry pal, keep it near you to show that it is something you are comfortable being near. Leading by example, you will show your dog that he also should not be worried about the new addition to the house. The Foam Factory   offers a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, so you should have no problem finding the perfect bed for your pet.

Use Familiar Items

Another way you can get your dog familiar with his new bed is to use items your dog is familiar with. For instance, your dog might not be quick to lay down on a plain foam seat. If you were to put his favorite blanket or some of his toys on the bed, then he might associate the bed with the other things he enjoys.