How to select outdoor furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

If you are looking to buy outdoor furniture or planning on replacing your current set, selecting the right pieces for your space is crucial. Here are some expert tips that will help you select the best outdoor furniture for your needs.

Wrought Iron – This is a classic material that is used for outdoor spaces. Since wrought iron is heavy, it is a good choice for windy outdoor spaces, as it will stay put when the wind gets rough. However, because of its weight, this also means that it is best for people who will not want to move around their furniture often. To avoid rust, cover your wrought iron furniture during the winter months. When selecting your furniture, look out for UV resistant, powder coated finishes.

Aluminum – This is a good choice for outdoor furniture, as it is lightweight, doesn’t rust, and is easy to maintain. You can pair them with fabric cushions, to give color and comfort. However, if you leave your cushions out, you may have to invest in replacement cushion for patio furniture every 6 months. It is best to look for powder-coated, UV-resistant finishes.

Seagrass furniture – This is a warm and welcoming option to any outdoor space. Seagrass is also quite durable and can handle humid weather conditions. Apart from this Seagrass furniture is very comfortable and is a nice mix between indoor and outdoor furniture in terms of design. However, it is best not to keep Seagrass furniture outdoors for long periods of time, as it can crack and fray.


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