How to Switch Your Home Into an Environmentally-Friendly Furnished One

Summary: Being eco-friendly not only helps you sleep better at night, but there are pieces that look even better than your standard pieces.

Certain homeowners obsess over furniture style and interior design, while others think casually about their home. Either way, being environmentally friendly and purchasing items that are bio-degradable can make a huge impact on the planet.

But, the question is where do you start?

Reclaimed Wood

If wood is taken care of properly, it can last years without warping or breaking down. Purchasing furniture that’s made from reclaimed wood is like purchasing broken down pieces from previous items. It’s a great way to be resourceful and looks great with those brand-new foam inserts you’ve been thinking about.

Sustainable Wood

Another eco-friendly option available to you is sustainably harvested wood. Not only are they a great alternative to just chopping down trees, but they also look identical to brand new wood that you’d find in a normal furniture piece.


Bamboo comes from a family of grasses and ranges in shape, size, and even color. It’s not technically considered a tree. Moreover, it can grow incredibly quickly and has become one of the most versatile materials used in today’s furniture pieces. Many interior designers are currently using bamboo in flooring, furniture molds, and even blinds. Be sure to check out suppliers like The Foam Factory for quality bamboo items. It’s eco-friendly and you won’t need to live with the guilt of purchasing harvested wood.

Bamboo typically comes from China and is grown without pesticides – although there are certain exceptions. Because it grows so rapidly, it’s easy to maintain healthy forests. It doesn’t require a significant amount of water and with so many new designs coming out today that involve bamboo, they may be the perfect option for your household.