How to Tell Good Wicker Furniture from the Bad

Summary: Quality wicker furniture entails more than just a solid weave.

When comparing numerous brands and styles of wicker furniture pieces, it can become relatively confusing to figure out what’s actually a quality piece and what’s a rip-off. Now, outdoor wicker pieces can range from a couple hundred dollars to upwards of $20,000. So, how can you tell the difference?

This article is designed to showcase how you can differentiate the bad from the good, so you invest in quality furniture instead of overpaying for a flimsy one.

The Materials Speak For Itself

Cheap wicker is often designed with plastic materials that will tear, scratch, and unravel after multiple use. As you already know, cheap wicker will obviously look fake and feel like an ordinary shiny item. Plastic wicker furniture will also stick to your skin after sitting on it.

Quality wicker on the other hand, is designed out of a material called Polyethylene. This is a synthetic resin that is both eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Strands are often infused with UV inhibitors that prevent fading due to overexposure from the sun. These furniture pieces are highly durable and low maintenance. Moreover, it’s sustainable.

The Weave

Quality wicker furniture is professionally woven by hand. When large-scale manufacturer mass produce these items, they’ll often attempt to emphasize quantity instead of quality. Meaning, the wicker is woven in rows of 10 at a time instead of just a few rows. This can results in patterns that look unusual or sway to a certain direction. When working with such many rows, it’s nearly impossible to adjust the strands and keep them straight.

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