Picking outdoor cushions and for your patio furniture

Summary: When picking outdoor cushions, there are three important considerations: the outdoor space itself, the theme you want and the level of comfort.

The first step to picking the right outdoor cushions for your patio furniture is to look at your backyard or outdoor space and get a sense of you want to use it. Selecting the right cushions and pillows will enhance the vibe and mood that you are trying to achieve. It is never easy converting a vision to something you can use every day.

The next step is to decide on a theme. It is good practice to take each of these stages one at a time. Trying to do everything at once can be overwhelming. Stay away from current trends and what’s hot on the market right now. Pick from a range of styles and themes that you love and that you can live with on your chair cushion for years.

Finally, when choosing the cushions and pillows, focus on comfort above all other traits. Even if the cushion filling you choose will not last years, or requires more maintenance, if it provides the kind of comfort you want, then it is worth the trade-off. Even the cushion cover fabric has a range that goes from a plastic feel to a cool and comfortable.

When designing a space from scratch and not just replacing the cushions, choose the furniture along the same guidelines.


Bio: Written by The Foam Factory. The company specializes in the manufacturing and selling of foam products ideal for outdoor use like for a patio cushion.