Steps for Inserting a New Cushion Into a Seat

Written by The Foam Factory

One of the best ways to get more life out of your sofas and couches is to replace the cushion filling. There’s a good chance that the cushions are worn and flat after several years of use. Instead of buying new cushions, you can simply replace the foam and wind up with cushions that look and feel as good as new for a fraction of the price.

Best of all, replacing the foam in your furniture’s cushions is easy. Whether you need to replace standard cushions or have a need for custom foam cushions, it all can be accomplished in four easy steps after you have purchased your foam:

Prep: Fully remove the old foam from your current cushions. You can use this time to wash your covers, but make sure they are fully dry. Take the covers and place them unzipped on a flat surface with the opening facing up.

Insertion: Fold the foam lengthwise and slide it into the cover until it reaches the opposite side. Once you release the foam, it should flatten itself out to a large extent.

Smoothing: After inserting the new cushions into the cover, you will need to manually work the foam so that the seams of the cover match the edges of the foam. This can be done without any special tools by simply working it back and forth until it fits.

Closing: It is OK if the cushion appears to be slightly overstuffed before you close and zip up the cover. If you measured and cut your foam correctly, this just means that the cushion will have a full look with the cover fitting snugly around the foam.

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