This Trend is Making a Huge Comeback in Modern Home Renovations

Written by: ETO Doors

Magnificent and beautiful, double entry doors make a powerful impression on everyone that visits your home. Typically associated with the well-to-do, double doors are becoming very affordable. Especially when you order direct from the manufacturer. The best news is that affordability hasn’t hurt the grand presentation. Double doors still project an aura of grandeur that few other styles can match.

Most single door styles can also be set next to each other to create a set of double doors. However, there are also styles specifically designed for use as exterior double doors. The two doors in these sets are typically not symmetrical on their own, but become so when placed next to their pair.

While most double doors are only functional on one side, a non-functional door is bolted at the top and bottom of the frame. This non-functional door will also hold the glide and weather stripping to help keep out the elements. Some may also open on both sides to expand the doorway. This is especially useful for moving in large furniture that might otherwise ding or damage the entry door when trying to work it through the smaller area a single door allows.

If you’re not quite sold yet, you should check out some samples online before you order, so you can see just how beautiful these doors are. Double doors, also called “French Doors”, will change your entryway dramatically. They let in more sunlight, can offer a good deal of protection, and they are affordable too.