Use This Tip for an Easy Household Makeover

Written by: The Foam Factory, Inc.

We’ve all been into one of those homes where everything is cozy but just a little worn down: rough edges on the countertops, scratches on the table, dents in the floor, cracks in the tile, and the occasional odd stain on the ceiling that can be attributed to years of home cooking.

These charming faults may make a home seem rustic and well-loved, but lousy seat cushions is unforgivable. Nobody will appreciate how authentic your house is if there’s nowhere comfortable to sit, or if you can feel the springs poking through all the mattresses. The least you can do is give your home a quick and easy facelift!

By getting custom-fitted foam replacements for all of your soft-surface requirements, you can easily make any old house or apartment warm and inviting again. Foam cushion replacement is simple and can even save you money in the long run since foam is more sanitary and longer-lasting than traditional cushion filling.

It doesn’t stop at home makeovers either—your yacht or longboat could always use a new set of cushions filled with Dryfast foam. Dryfast is ideal for outdoor seating that’s constantly exposed to water and sunlight.

Even if you have cushions with odd shapes, you can easily get foam cut into custom shapes that will fill any sort of covering. There are also a variety of softness and density levels to choose from, as well as different options to suit how often your couch, sofa, mattress, or other seat is used.