Advantages of Outdoor foam

Written by: The Foam Factory

When the weather gets hotter, it tends to be more pleasant to spend a good amount of your time outdoors in your garden. You might also think of lounging on your patio reading a book or just napping on your outdoor sofa. A good sofa cushion would be ideal for this as it provides the right comfort for you to spend an enjoyable time outdoors. Unfortunately, cushions of outdoor furniture tend to become flat or be prone to wear and tear from exposure to sunlight and rain or pool water. A cushion replacement is often the solution to giving your outdoor furniture a new life.

Since you would be carrying out a foam replacement project for your outdoor furniture, you can consider opting for an outdoor foam. Foam manufacturing companies now offer good outdoor foams of various shapes and sizes for sale. This is ideal if you intend to carry out the project yourself. Outdoor foams have the advantage of being fast-drying since they are made up of larger cells. They are also more resistant to exposure from sunlight and wind. Some of them are anti-microbial as they use a special formulation to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Carlo Badalamenti has learnt a great deal about foams throughout his experience in managing a foam manufacturing company. The Foam Factory has been around since 1980 and the company sells a unique type of foam, the Dryfast foam which can be cut to fit your outdoor furniture.

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