Create Unique Landscaping with Natural and Artificial Grass

Article Written by: California Mailboxes

Many people think that you have to make a choice between artificial turf and natural grass. They believe that you either have to have a fully natural grass lawn or you have to fully commit and have nothing but synthetic turf. The truth is that, as with most things in life, it doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario. You can combine artificial and natural grass to do creative and beautiful things with your home landscaping.

The significant benefits of synthetic lawns are well known. They require less maintenance than natural grass lawns and use almost no water, while looking great any time of year. However, many people choose to landscape their lawns with a mixture of natural and synthetic grass. For some people, this is done to comply with local or HOA laws: they may be able to install synthetic turf in their back yards but laws might require real grass for front yards.

For other homeowners, using a mixture of artificial and natural grass is an aesthetic choice. They might want the feel of natural grass in areas near landscaping elements such as bushes and trees but desire the durability of artificial grass in high foot traffic areas. Or they might want to have areas where pets will be located to have pet-friendly artificial grass that is easier to clean.

Using a mixture of artificial and natural grass can also be a safety choice. Some families might not be able to afford to completely replace their natural grass lawn with synthetic turf; however, they might install artificial turf near playground equipment to give their kids a safe and soft place to play.

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