Decorating Your Front Door for Winter

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet? Christmas is a time for bright lights, and winter decorations that bring out the beauty of the cold. The front door is one spot that gets overlooked when we are plotting our light shows, but there are a few inexpensive things you can do to spruce up the area in time for Christmas morning.

Wreaths and Decoration for the Doorway

Most hardware and craft stores sell synthetic wreathes you can hang from your door. You can also use long lines of branches hung from the frame to the floor, tying brightly colored ribbons to them. You can use some spray on snow if you lack the real thing, or get a small string of battery powered lights to illuminate the space at night.

You should also consider hanging lights from any potted plants you may have in the entryway as well.

Lighting the Entryway

Lights adorning the walkway are an inexpensive way to do the light show, without running up your power bill. Light fixtures sold in small packs can be dug into the ground, and remain free standing, like candy canes or presents. Space them out evenly to make a sentimental walkway leading to the front door.

If you have a door knocker, be sure that you run some polish over it to make it shine brightly during the winter. You might also consider swapping the lights in your entry way for lights of a different color like green or red. Blue lights also give you a wonderful ambiance that feels like a cool moon on Christmas eve.

Reusing Materials Around the Home

You can reuse some of your old decorations that haven’t fared so well over the years. For example, tree skirts below a potted plant can make it look like a Christmas tree. Add a few wrapped boxes of different sizes and you have a unique display that cost almost nothing to produce.

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