Give new life to your outdoor furniture

Written by The Foam Factory

Outdoor furniture are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Harsh sunlight can contribute to a discoloration of the varnish or chipping off of paint in wood furniture. Moreover, cushions and upholstery fabrics are also prone to discolorations for direct exposure to the rays of the sun. Cushion fillings do not thrive well in humid environments and might be attacked by mold and mildew. After several years of use, each component of your outdoor furniture would need to be revamped in order to ensure longevity.


One of the most striking ways to bring a new life to outdoor furniture is by painting them. Vibrant colors are more apt for outdoor spaces and make the place look lively and inviting. You might want to opt for highly contrasting colors such as lime green and orange. Colors that would not be easily found in your garden such as blue would provide a great contrast against a green natural backdrop.

Foam replacement

A foam replacement would add an extra bounciness to used outdoor foam cushions. In order to promote durability, high density foams can be used as cushion fillings. An outdoor foam would ideally need to be able to drain water quickly. Fast-drying foams are convenient for humid environments as they do not retain that much water. These types of foam are also more resistant to mold and mildew and have antimicrobial properties.

The Foam Factory specializes in foam products for various different indoor and outdoor applications including for cushion replacement projects.

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