Give new life to your outdoor furniture

Written by The Foam Factory

Even though outdoor furniture are made to last, they are often deteriorated by weather elements such as the rain and wind. After several years remaining outdoors, these signs are deterioration would become more and more visible. The paint might start to chip off or the cushions might become saggy and start amassing mold. If you do not want to change your outdoor furniture, the tips below might come handy.

Fresh Coating of Paint

The paint of your outdoor furniture may chip off easily from direct exposure to the sun and rain. A fresh coating of paint will contribute to giving a brand new look to your furniture. While you are at, you might consider going for a completely different color than the previous one.


Wooden furniture, especially when they are left outdoors, need to be protected with a fresh coat of varnish on a regular basis. About once every six months is advisable to avoid any damages resulting from overexposure to a humid environment.

Foam replacement

Saggy cushions are not particularly welcoming on your outdoor furniture. With years of use, your outdoor foam will undeniably lose some of its shape. Going for a cushion replacement is another way to give a new life to your outdoor furniture. Custom foam cushions can be ordered from most foam companies. These companies also offer the possibility of having the foam cut to fit the dimensions of your project. For the outdoors, open-cell foams can be preferred as they do not retain much moisture.

The Foam Factory provides various solutions for cushion replacement projects, both for the indoors and outdoors.

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